Video – Resonance

Beauty, at least in my experience, has much to do with resonance. A connection that exists between ourselves and something else; a fit. I look at resonance in this video from two experiences — one resonant but superficial and the other deep and radiant.

Video: Subjective and Objective Beauty, part 1

In the Search For Beauty video series I shot last summer, I introduced the series by comparing subjective beauty and objective beauty.  I decided not to include the piece, since it seemed to skim over too many ideas too quickly.  This video–as well as the few that will follow–are an in-depth exploration of subjective and objective beauty.  Is beauty something that we project onto the world around us, or are certain elements of our world intrinsically beautiful?  I hope to move closer to that answer.

Video: The Right & Left Brain In Art – the first in a new video series

Hello everyone!  I’m beginning a new, open-ended video series.  With these videos, I hope to enlighten and inspire through the exploration of ideas; ideas that manifest themselves in art, culture, and our everyday lives.  I want to share with you the things that have sparked my own imagination, with the hope that you’ll be inspired too.

In this first video, I explore both the origin of the idea that the right brain and left Brain influence creativity in different ways, and how that idea has manifested itself in the work of various artists throughout history.