Video: Subjective and Objective Beauty, part 1

In the Search For Beauty video series I shot last summer, I introduced the series by comparing subjective beauty and objective beauty.  I decided not to include the piece, since it seemed to skim over too many ideas too quickly.  This video–as well as the few that will follow–are an in-depth exploration of subjective and objective beauty.  Is beauty something that we project onto the world around us, or are certain elements of our world intrinsically beautiful?  I hope to move closer to that answer.

Part 1 of The Search For Beauty Video Series – Introduction

Here’s part one of my video series, ‘The Search For Beauty.’


This episode serves as an introduction to the series.  In each part, I look at the root of a word: art, form, muse, perception and revelation, and how if affects our relationship to beauty.  We take a lot of these words for granted, and I find it incredibly interesting where they come from, and why we use them the way we do.

You can find the rest of the series on my vimeo page:

The Search For Beauty 3.0


On May 1 two years ago I posted that I had finished a draft of my book The Search for Beauty. My wife and I went to our favorite restaurant and I ordered a glass of champagne. I posted a picture of that glass.

I sent the draft to my editor. Compared to the vision of what I felt beauty is and how it affects us, her response was underwhelming. I realized I had to go deeper.

In all things creative, we have process, and we have product. A creative life can guarantee process. Not necessarily a product, at least one living up to our vision. Since finishing that draft I’ve rewritten it twice but something just wasn’t matching my vision. I realized to give expression to beauty words alone for me may not be enough. I have filmed a video series on beauty, and given a couple of talks. I’ve read, made notes and continued to paint and draw. I’ve been busy and now I feel the threads of all this process reforming into a book as much about images as text and crafted and designed to be beautiful in itself. Continue reading