Video: The Right & Left Brain In Art: Writing and Architecture

My new video for this week. Continuing last week’s idea, we look at the roots of two types of creativity: The logical left brain and irrational right brain.  This time, we move on from painting and look at examples of those two poles in writing and architecture.

One thought on “Video: The Right & Left Brain In Art: Writing and Architecture

  1. Well, while we were made to believe so, the more advanced brain activity imaging technologies allowed seeing how any creative activity uses all of the brain. It’s one of the most unique activities, however, because painting, drawing, sketching involves way more than just a few senses, but all of them, and during creative processes the enhanced activity occurred in the communication area between the right and left lobes. Therefore, we can assume that such an activity causes more and better communication between the left and right lobe. It’s also known by now that new neurons can emerge and the existing live longer when we are using our brain at full capacity.
    I love your plein-air paintings because I would do only that if my situation was lightly different, I mean, my health wouldn’t give such hard times here and there. I do love the genuinely created art, not that much produced and reproduced art which originates from photos. I’m not that good at painting, but I can draw anything, anywhere, any time effortlessly.
    It’s also so that your color choices speak to me, great landscapes, good compositions and excellent value placement.

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