The Search For Beauty Video Series

The Search For Beauty part 1 – Introduction


The Search For Beauty part 2 – Art


The Search For Beauty part 3 – Form


The Search For Beauty part 4 – Muse


The Search For Beauty part 5 – Perception


The Search For Beauty part 6 – Revelation

14 thoughts on “The Search For Beauty Video Series

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  2. Hi Ian,
    I thoroughly enjoyed your series of videos on beauty. That you explore the roots of language as a revelation and the interconnection of words and experience that bring us to the present moment. Thanks very much. I hope you write your book. I will enjoy it as much as the other that you have written. Hope to meet you one day.
    Warmly Lynn

    • Thanks Lynn. The search for beauty I have written twice. Neither time has hit the mark. I am thinking it might be more about meaning, the search for meaning. Which of course resonates with beauty, truth and goodness. Anyway a long and winding road. Best wishes, Ian

  3. Hi Ian,

    I watched your series on the search for beauty today You discussed a lot of interesting ides and touched on many truths… far too many for me to digest at one sitting. Your video is thought provoking. I will return to your website to listen to these videos again. As an artist, I too think living in the moment is important so that I can be inspired by my surroundings. Fear is the enemy of creativity, happiness and beauty. Fear prevents many people from reaching their creative potential as artists because they are afraid to follow their muse for fear of failure. Bravo to you and thank you for sharing your ideas.
    Live remarkably,

    • Bobbi, thank you for your comments on the videos. They are in fact a bit dense I think. At least that is what some people have told me. But there they are. I’m planning on doing a few more in March.
      With best wishes to you

  4. Hi Ian, finally found time to listen to all the videos,Ideas on beauty. Thank you for these little gems. Food for thought. In fact I felt the need to return again and again, in particular # 4.. Muse. One should listen to all or some ,before entering the studio in order to put one in the right frame of mind, instead of the news with nothing but pollution and despair. More please!

  5. Ian, I stumbled on to you a few months ago as I began my new journey into painted reliefs and have benefited greatly from your videos. If ever you feel the impulse to visit Costa Rica where I have lived for the past 20 years on my reforested farm with access to many beautiful vistas as well as studio space know you would be most welcome.
    With much appreciation warren

    • That is so kind of you Warren for your invitation. And I am delighted you are enjoying the videos. I appreciate your telling me.
      Have a backlog of travel plans with my wife now, after the last year. But I will keep it in mind. My very best wishes, Ian

  6. Dear Ian,

    I devoured all of these videos in one sitting – they are fantastic! Some people probably would tell you that they are “dense” – I think it’s because they are deeply nourishing, full of goodness and all beneficial things – and you know how some people can react when confronted with a “healthy option”!
    But I think people’s appetites ARE changing a little – hopefully there is more enchantment coming back into the world. Take the recent book Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert – have you read it? – this is all around the artist’s muse working through us and how we can befriend them. There is a great story in there of a poet who would see her muse running towards her with a poem and would have to try to run to find paper and pen so that when the poem hit her, she could write it down. Sometimes she said she was a bit late and would only catch the tail of the poem as it rushed though her, in those cases the poem would come out of her backwards! Clear evidence of magic – and could have come straight out of a Greek Myth ;o)
    Thank you so much for sharing your time, energy, passions and expertise – LOVE your Tuesday videos.
    All the very best,
    L x

    • Thanks so much for your thoughtful comment. I’m delighted you enjoyed the beauty videos. They are dense but I think partly that’s because they maybe lack a structure that ties them together into a narrative. Anyway it was fun to make them. I haven’t read Big Magic but have heard about it. If the pile of books I am working through was a bit less daunting I might head out and get it. But great image of the poet. It was like Coleridge writing that poem and the postman knocked on the door and by the time he came back the muse had left. And delighted you are enjoying the tuesday videos as well. all the best, Ian.

      • Yes! That Coleridge example is exactly the same ;o)
        FYI, the poet Gilbert was describing using this fascinating process was Ruth Stone.
        Good luck with the book pile!
        All the best

  7. Hello Ian,
    I stumbled upon your videos recently, and my drawing has not been the same. I rewatch many of them to attempt digest them fully. This series in particular touched me deeply.
    Thank you,

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