3 thoughts on “Apricots and Wine

  1. Even in small size on my screen, this emanates waves of energy, of the beautiful energy of the place, like the fragrance of it, all the senses, and I notice this soft but powerful feeling of atmosphere must be helped a lot by the unusual color of the sky, which is so ‘right’. It communicates what it is like to be there right now, and it’s a great feeling.

  2. Conveys a softly intense atmosphere. When I breathe in, looking at it even on my screen, I can smell the air. The unusual sky color does not stand out; instead it harmoniously contributes (along with other factors) to the emotional statement. There is a natural ease about it. It touches me in a place that is beyond words, so it is unsatisfying to try to convey the nature of its power in writing, but I think it’s a magnificent piece.

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