Artists I Like #1: Fedor Zakharov


46″ x 54″, oil on canvas

I am perpetually inspired by the work of other artists I encounter.  This is the first in my “Artists I Like” series; a chance for me to put a spotlight on the works that have influenced me.  Let’s begin with the work of Russian/Ukrainian painter Fedor Zakharov.

In painting representational art you play two things off one another. The representation and the marks that create that representation. You can hide all the marks and enhance the illusion but suck life out of the expression. Or you can so emphasize the marks the illusion gets lost. I am most attracted to a harmony between the two, where we are completely aware of the illusion and at the same time marvel at the freshness and boldness of the calligraphy that created it.


38″ x 46″, oil on canvas

Zakharov, 1919-1994, is such a painter. He didn’t have a studio so he painted everything outdoors from life. Notice how big these canvases are. His scale and brushwork I find exhilarating.


Images courtesy of Vail Fine Art Press

3 thoughts on “Artists I Like #1: Fedor Zakharov

  1. Ian: Thank you for this. Yes, his brushwork and colours are stunning — fresh and bold. That he was able to pull this off en plein air, at this size of canvas is simply astounding.

  2. I am going to try and copy these small so I can get an idea of his color harmony at least. I am sure I can’t duplicate his brushstrokes, since I ma painting so much smaller, but maybe a few. Just wondering, is this a good way to learn, or not?

    • Loretta
      I find his brushwork remarkable.You look at the size of the painting, done outdoors, and you realize how bold he is.
      And how many colors he has in his brush that get mixed as he applies the paint. So if you are painting small that would of course be pretty hard to copy. But to copy for the big shapes and the color harmonies you could definitely learn something. Good luck and my your brushes be light and free.

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