Horizontal time—vertical time

I realized later in the week that Chronos, incremental linear time, was horizontal. It connected one moment to the next in an endless string of events. Kiaros, that moment that opens to the present in a suspended state of wonder or being, that is vertical time.

 We live in chronos obviously most of the time. Our entertainment and news is chopped into smaller and smaller pieces because it appears no one, although in fact I doubt this is actually true, has time for more. A bite size piece of news can’t contain real content. You can’t have discourse without content. What you get instead is reaction and outrage.

 Kairos, vertical time, is mystical time. A moment held by the song of a bird connects us to that.  We can go deeper. And deeper. Kairos embraces all, gives us our spiritual compass and our awareness of the sacred. And like a dive in a pool we get wet whether the dive is deep or shallow.

 This is where we find beauty. In mystical time. What seems so perplexing to me as an artist is giving expression to it. Technique and craft are like chronos. Linear, mundane, necessary. Kairos is like the vertical juice of life disgorged on the page. They do coexist and compliment each other. It’s creating the flow of them both, at the same time,  that is the trick.

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