Accidental Abstraction

This blog studies beauty. Like anything when you put your attention on something it grows stronger. So my attention gets caught now by pavement cracks, and those markings gas and water people spray on the asphalt, and the patina of old paint and right now more than anything the first few pink and green buds and leaves expanding out of the bark of the Honeycrisp apple tree we planted last month.

I’m not entirely sure the photos that follow are necessarily beautiful. That may be beside the point. But they are interesting, to me. They are examples of things that surround us. Curious and unusual stuff. And I suspect the finding of beauty is being open to it. All of it.

On of the central ideas here I think is the difference between the two Greek words for time. One is chronos. That is second after second, minute after minute, hour after hour, day after day time. The time that rushes by. The one where we find ourselves late, rushed, behind.

The other Greek work for time is Karios. That time where everything stops, there is silence, being, now and nothing else. That is the time of beauty. Because it flows into us then, into our being. Or we discover that is what we are.

In the next few days I want to write more on these two words and how perhaps they influence our perception of beauty, and ourselves.

Accidental Abstraction

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